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Our Latest Projects


SHAMS Geospatial platform

SHAMS Geospatial platform provides geographical information with high quality maps that covers the entire planet, focused on providing accurate maps of Saudi Arabia. www.shamsmaps.com

SHAMS Geo Platform...

SHAMS Geospatial platform is the local solution to build applications for the government organizations who requires storing the data on their own servers, and it will contribute to build business opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their own applications. The platform aims to solve the problem of using international maps services in government sectors.


Groups & Complaints

Social network application that is mainly designed to provide communication channels between citizens themselves, citizens with the government, as well as business owners with consumers.

Groups & Complaints ...

It is designed with tools to allow users to become editors and share their own thoughts with freedom of speech and self-censorship guaranteed.

This application can be used to discuss subjects that could become a complaint to the government or business owners with immediate respond guaranteed. With this application we hope to create a national interactive, trusted, and civilized communication environment.


My Driver

Is a location-based application that allows a user to hail either the user’s own driver or public taxi driver.

My Driver...

The app can display all nearby drivers with high rating to ensure the quality service according to user’s request.

In addition, it will provide the path from the driver’s current location to a specific location whenever the driver asks for directions. Furthermore, it will give the user the ability to track their drivers and view their vehicles on the map.

My Driver will facilitate the process of scheduling a future pick up and will place the pickup information into the driver’s calendar.



It is an application that connects Service providers (POI owners) with potential consumers.


GeoTie uses GIS maps and location-based features for placing POIs and searching for them with relevance to user’s location. It helps people plan their day’s activities according to what is offered around them (dining, shopping, traveling, choosing a hospital or a clinic…etc.).

covers wide categories of POIs, and covers detailed information about those POIs such as offers, news, events, and Ads. In addition to all basic information of those POIs (Location, phone number, name, media).


My Class

Social learning community where tutors and students can connect and share recourses privately and securely.

My Class...

My Class is a interest-based social network,which gives the students and tutors a helpful tools to communicate with each other and to organize their documents or tasks. My Class is developed mainly for university/school students and teachers.

Teachers can create classes(groups) with their students, students can create classes with each other and the teachers can create classes with other teacher with same interests.



Dabeeb is a news aggregator and search engine, specialized in the Arabic language.